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About Us

About Us

Hamilton Little Blue, located in Hamilton, Ohio, was founded in 1980, providing tackle football and cheer programs for Kindergarten through 6th grades.  We are the direct feeder program of Hamilton City Schools. 
Hamilton Little Blue strives to provide a safe and educational environment for our participants. 

Mission Statement: 
Our mission, as an organization, is to provide an opportunity and an environment to young men and women in our community that promotes safety, sportsmanship and skills-improvement in football and cheer.  We strive to instruct the kids in our program in ways that promotes healthy competition while teaching proper skills and techniques of football and cheer to children of any experience level. It is our goal to promote a high level of integrity in all of our participants to ensure that Hamilton Little Blue is one of the most respectable and reputable organizations in our area. 

Field Status

  • Hamilton Little Blue Football Field

    Updated: 07/08/2019 01:59PM
  • Edgewood Seven Mile Elementary

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:29PM
  • Fairfield Youth Fields

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:31PM
  • Lakota East High School

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:44PM
  • Lakota West High School

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:44PM
  • Little Miami - Thorton Park

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:44PM
  • Northwest High School

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:45PM
  • Oak Hills High School

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:45PM
  • Rapid Run Middle School

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:45PM
  • Kings Stadium

    Updated: 05/21/2019 10:37PM